2020 - The Birth of the Outspoken Faith Designs Store

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The team at Outspoken Faith Designs is excited to present our new eCommerce store!

It is no accident this store was created during the time of uncertainty we are all currently facing, particularly in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While there are many who are anxious and feel hopeless during these trials, we believe now is the perfect time to provide hope and encouragement to each other.

That's why our team has carefully selected the products we sell. As you can see, we believe in offering high quality products at a reasonable price. But, our vision is so much more than that! We strive to select products that encourage and inspire, while also providing an opportunity for everyone to share their faith.

Additionally, we strongly believe in giving back. That's why a portion of all proceeds will be given to organizations and ministries that share this vision of hope, encouragement, and sharing the Gospel message.

We decided to launch our store with a product line of bracelets, rather than waiting for a larger catalog of products. This decision was based in part on sharing the message of hope and encouragement during the trying times we are all currently facing. There will be more products coming in time. If there are products you would like to see us carry, please send us an email. You can find that in the "Contact Us" section.

Of course, we hope you find products to purchase, but even if you don't buy today, we hope you find hope, inspiration, encouragement, and boldness to be a witness for the Gospel.

Be sure to provide your email so you can stay notified of new content and products. Check back often to stay in touch with our blog and store. This is only the beginning!


Unisex Copper Cross Bracelet         Women's Silver Cross Bracelet       

Men's Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Cross


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